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Health Services/Equipments | Kerala | TID: 13213511
1 Value: INR 41.85 Thousand | Supply Of Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)- Lower Limb | Due on 18-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Gujarat | TID: 13153041
2 Providing of Physiotherapy Equipments at Government Physiotherapy College - Combination of electrotherapy & Ultrasound Therapy Machine Unit, Battery Module, SEMG and sEMG + Electrical Stimulation module for combination therapy unit, Electrotherapy Cart –trolley, Ultrasound head with 2 cm2 applicator, Ultrasound head with 5 cm2 applicator, Ultrasound head with 10 cm2 applicator Connectable with machine, Laser Therapy Module for combination therapy unit, 13 diode Applicator for laser therapy unit, Channel Stimulation Module, Vacuum Electrode Module for combination therapy unit, Multifunctional Electrical Stimulation Device Objective, IFC Therapy Machine Main Unit, Mobile Portable Laser device Main Unit, Laser Protection Glass, 9 diode Applicator, Mobile Portable Ultrasound device, 2 cm2 applicator for mobile portable ultrasound device, 5 cm2 applicator for mobile portable ultrasound device, 10 cm2 applicator for mobile portable ultrasound device, Battery Module for mobile portable ultrasound device, Stabilizer unit with feedback, TENS Machine, Wireless Muscle Stimulator, NMES Device, Cold therapy device with compression, Mobile Portable electrotherapy device, Wrap, Electrodes, Sponge, Electrodes, Ultrasound gel, Lead wire, Standard Electrodes, Garments, Garment electrodes, Garment electrodes, Garment connector, 2 ? Inch x 4? Inch Oval type- Electrodes, 2 ? Inch Square type- Electrodes, Combination Therapy Unit, Computerized C/W & Pulsed Laser Therapy Unit, Digital Therapy Laser Systems, Computerized Interferential Therapy Unit, Computerized Ultrasound 1 MHz, Computerized Muscle Stimulator with TENS, Computerized Four Channel TENS, Short Wave Diathermy 500 Watts, Computerized Lumbar- Cervical – Ankle Traction, Computerized Continuous Passive Motion Unit, Paraffin Wax Bath unit, Infra-Red Lamp Floor Model, Digital Microwave Therapy Unit, PC based Spirometer, Body impedance meter, Body composition analyzer software with interpretation and Bluetooth compatibility, PC Based Biofeedback system should have following parameters, Airway Clearance System, Patient wraps for airway clearance system extra small Colour Coded, Patient full garment, Patient hose pipe , high frequency vibration therapy device, Applicator head trumpet head, Applicator head nub head, Skeleton hanging stand with brake Model, Cervical spinal column Model, Thoracic spinal column Model, Lumbar spinal column Model, Hip joint, Hand skeleton model with ligaments and muscles Model, Foot skeleton model with ligaments and muscles Model, Disarticulated skeleton model, Muscular figure,1/3life size, 2parts Model, Spinal nerves chart, Nervous system chart, Respiratory system chart, Human musculature chart, Osteoporosis chart, Arthritis chart, Deformities of the foot chart, Vascular system chart, Rhinitis and sinusitis chart, Urinary tract chart, Human ear chart, Basic life support chart, Human brain chart, Speech organs chart, Lymphatic system chart, Exercise Plinth, CP walker, CP standing board, CP corner board, Wedge Boards, Platform swing, Finger gripper Grip Exerciser Consist of solid metallic fame built on stand, Low powder elastic exercise bands, Exercise tubing with d locking handles, Physio standing frame with knee band, Gym Ball /Imported, Sensory gym ball Eggerciser Gel balls, Therapeutic Clay, Hand exercise table A specifically designed table with laminated top, Massage cum treatment table, Physio Cuff Weights With Stand, High low treatment table, Suspension therapy with accessories, Suspension Gear for suspension therapy unit, Roller Bolsters One 15x61cm, Parallel bar with mirror platform mounted parallel bars parallel walking bar, Stair case with slope exercise training staircase, 9-PIECE Hand Evaluation Set, 7-piece hand evaluation set, 3-PIECE Hand Evaluation Set, 4-piece wrist evaluation set, Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer, Hydraulic push-pull dynamometer, Wrist/Forearm Dynamometer, Back-leg-chest dynamometer, Dolorimeter/Algorimeter, Spirometer, Skinfold Caliper, Bubble inclinometer, Orthopedic And Sports Medicine Mechanical Pinch Gauges, Hydraulic pinch gauge, Extendable goniometer, 6-PIECE Goniometer Set, Digital Absolute+Axis Goniometer, Palpation meter to find limb length discrepancy and skeletal asymmetry, Manual Muscle Tester, Inclinometer, Posture Evaluator, Body level evaluator, Scoliosis Meter, Arthrodial Protractor, Anthropometer, Chest Caliper, Non invasice ventilator, PC based spirometer, Pulse oxymeter tabletop, Inspiratory Muscle Training Parameters displayed include, CPAP Automatic altitude adjustment, Integrated Heated Humidifier, Gutter crutches, Elbow crutches, ComputerizedKnee Traction, climbing steeper, Incentive spirometry, Volumetric incentive spirometer, Vibratory PEP therapy system, Inspiratory Resistance Trainer & Pep Devices, 2 point discrimination unit, Fridge small size, Microwave oven, Microwaveable Heat Pad set, Standing Spine and body twister, Cold gel packs, Circular elastic hand grip exerciser, Hand gripper, Peg | Due on 02-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 13218810
3 Procurement of Equipment - Physiograph, Disintegration Test Apparatus, Dissolution test Apparatus USP, Power lab for animal experiments, FTIR, HPLC system, Probe Sonicator, Franz diffusion cell. | Due on 11-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Gujarat | TID: 13105005
4 Providing of Physiotherapy Equipments at Government Physiotherapy College. | Due on 02-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Kerala | TID: 13188587
5 Supply of Various equipments cryostat, fibroscan, QA kit for DRS, c arm model A, lead apron, vascular surgery instruments, radio visual graph, vitrectormy set, mobile lab for food safety, bicarbonate mixer, freezer, strenotomy saw, centrifuge tables top, knife mill motor grinder, homogenizer kit – low volume & high volume, milk testing centrifuge, sorting cabinet with table, alpha bed, IABP, micromotor for ENT, spray tub, surgeons chair, therapy trolley, surgical instruments for general surgery, microdrill system, sound proof room, air conditioner – various type, refrigerator with stabilizer model A, Physiotherapy equipments interferential therapy – with tens and muscle stimulator – IFT, scanning laser, adjustable Aluminium tripod, ultrasound therapy, traction table, continuous passive motion – lower limb & upper limb, electromyography, ADL training kit, vacuum machine with accessories, oven with windows, unweighing system, movement therapy machine, Various equipments transcutaneous bilirubinometer, OT light LED with camera & without camera, neonatala resuscitation unit, spirometer, pulse oxymeter, ultrasound machine, heavy duty vacuum cleaner.
Setting up of microbiology lab for regional drug testing laboratory.
| Due on 18-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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